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2010/2011 Participation of Hamburg Handball Club


Hamburg Handball Club has participated in an extensive number of handball competitions since it was established. One of the busiest years for this club was 2010/2011 when this club joined so many handball tournaments. Here is the highlight of the club’s participations in handball tournaments:

Group Phase / Group B
In the group phase, the club challenged 6 different handball teams. Those teams were Montpellier Agglomeration HB, MKB Veszprem KC, KIF Kolding, IK Savehof, TATRAN Presov, and KSV Hamburg. In total, Hamburg Handball club involved in 10 games in challenging those 7 handball clubs.

From those ten games, Hamburg Handball won 60% of them. Hamburg Handball Club had to acknowledge the strength of other teams in the 40% of those games. Hamburg Handball, in this year, was noted to be defeated by MKB Veszprem KC, KIF Kolding, and Montpellier Agglomeraton HB. Besides, there was one game that Hamburg Handball Club was in tie position with its opponent which was TATRAN Presov.

Last 16
Then in Last 16, Hamburg Handball Club was noted to take a part in two games. In those two games, there was only one team that became the club’s rival which was CUatro Rayas BM Valladoid. From all of the games, Hamburg Handball could successfully be the winner.

Quarter Final
Then in Quarter Final, there were also two games in which Hamburg Handball participated in. In those two games, the club played against Chekhovskie Medvedi. In one of the game, Hamburg Handball could win the game with the score of 38-24, whereas in the other game both teams ended up being tie with the score of 37-37.

Final Four
Lastly, in final four, there were also two games played by Hamburg Handball Club. In one of the games, the club played against Renovalia Ciudad Real, while in the other game, the club was against Rhein-Neckar Lowen. When playing with Renovalia Ciudad Real, Hamburg Handball Club ended up losing with the score of 28-23. Meanwhile, in the other game played against Rhein-Neckar Lowen, Hamburg Handball Club could be the winner with the score of 31-33.

Just as in many other sport clubs, there must be ups and downs of the club. There must be some times where the clubs face lost and other times where the team could win consecutive winnings. So, of all the games, have you watched Hamburg Handball Club playing? If yes, which one is your favorite game?


Hamburg Handball Club on EHF Competitions


Hamburg Handball Club is one of the best handball clubs in Germany. It has won so many important titles from various handball tournaments and championships. Some of those championships are the one from EHF. Find out what this club has achieved so far:

EHF Champions League
To begin with, let’s see the performance of Hamburg Handball Club on EHF Champions League. For your information, this championship is the most important competition for handball club in Europe. This handball competition, which is only open male teams, involves only leading teams from those top nations in Europe. From this statement we can know that Hamburg Handball has been long time named as top male handball club in Europe.

The achievement of Hamburg Handball club in this handball league has been great. In 2011, Hamburg Handball club successfully finalist in the league. Although the club didn’t make it to the winner, Hamburg Handball club made a great move at that time in the handball league. One year later, in 2013, learning from their mistakes in the previous EHF Champions League, this club successfully won the gold medal in this competition. The club’s winning in 2013 is known to be its very first winning and gold medal in this EHF Champions League.

EHF Cup Winner’s Cup
Next, the club also regularly joins EHF Cup Winner’s Cup. This handball competition was an official competition for both male and female handball teams in the Europe. However, not all male and female handball clubs could join this championship. The handball championship was only for those teams who won their national cup and also those handball clubs who took their place every year.

Hamburg Handball is not the team with the most championships in this EHF Cup Winner’s Cup. Of all EHF Cup Winner’s Cup that had been held, Hamburg Handball Club only won once this was in 2007. At that time, Hamburg Handball Club successfully defeated CB Ademar Leon with the score of 28 – 34, 33 – 37. Apart from that winning, there was no report of this club’s achievement in the previous years, including the club’s achievement as semifinals or runner ups.

EHF handball championships are not just handball competitions. These two competitions are the biggest and the most important. Winning in those two handball competitions means that the handball clubs have quality that cannot be belittled, one of those clubs is of course Hamburg Handball Club.


The Notable Former Players of Hamburg Handball Club


Hamburg Handball Club has been well known to have great achievements in many handball tournaments. Those achievements of the club surely come from the dedication of all of the players, staff, coaches, and the notable former players of the club. We believe you already know the people inside the team. Now, let’s present you the notable players of the club that once strengthened the club back then.

Notable Former Players from Sweden
There are five notable former players that once strengthen Hamburg Handball Club coming from Sweden. They are Dan Beutler, Oscar Carlen, Tomas Svensson, Per Sandstrom, and Andreas Nilsson.

Notable Former Players from Germany
From Germany, there are four former notable players of Hamburg Handball. They are Pascal Hens, Johannes Bitter, Michael Kraus, and Oleg Velyky.

Notable Former Players from Croatia
Likewise, there are four notable former players from Croatia for this handball club. They are Igor Vori, Blazenko Lackovic, Domagoj Duvnjak, and Davor Dominikovic.

Notable Former Players from Denmark
From Denmark, there are three notable former players. They are Hans Lindberg, Morten Bjerre, and Morten Vammen.

Joan Canellas

Notable Former Players from Spain
There are only two people who become notable former players from Spain. Although there are only two, those two players contributed a lot to the club. Those players are Ion Belaustegui and Joan Canellas.

Notable Former Players from France
Likewise, there are also only two notable former players of Hamburg Handball Club from France. They are Bertrand Gille and Guillaume Gille.

Notable Former Players from Serbia
Moving on to Serbia, this country had two handball players who are named notable former players of Hamburg Handball Club. They are Branko Kokir and Stefan Terzic.

Notable Former Players from Poland
Another two notable former players came from Poland. They are Krzysztof Lijewski and Piotr Grabarcyzk.

Countries with One Notable Former Player Each
Finally, here come the countries that have one notable former player each for Hamburg Handball. Thos countries come from various continents in the world. They are: Romania with Alexandru Simicu, Korea with its Yoon Kyung-shin, Slovenia with its Roman Pungartnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina with its Enid Tahirovic, Switzerland with its Iwan Ursic, Macedonia with its Renato Vugrinec, and finally Qatar with its Goran Stojanovic.

Have you ever seen some of those former players playing for Hamburg Handball back then? Do you spot your favorite handball and players there? Those players are significant for the club, don’t you think?


Who Are Inside Handball Hamburg Club


Handball Hamburg Club has taken a part in Germany handball sport since a long time. This club has also come from a very long history since it was established. The history of this handball club may have been known widely. Yet, how about the people inside the club? Who are they? Who are the staff and who are playing for the club?

The Staff
To begin with, let’s get to know the head coach of the club. It is Torsten Jansen. He is a former handballer for German. He spent most of his career journey playing for the same club he coaches now. He was also a regular German national team member. Jansen took over the position of the head coach of the club in March 2017.

Meanwhile, the position of co-trainer or team coordinator belongs to Markus Grob. The staff of the club also includes coalkeepers coach. There are two coaches for this position namely Florian Meier and Philipp Kraul. Last but not least, the staff also includes physiotherapist. Christina Dressel is in charge of this position. Overall, there are 5 people who are trusted to be the “main people” for the club. The staff may be small but they carry a very big task to succeed the club.

The Current Squad
In this club, it is not only about the 5 people who become the staff of the club. It is also about the players that form the current squad. Overall, there are 20 people chosen and trusted to be the players of the club. All of those 20 players are German. No players from other countries are included in the current squad.

Let’s start from the goalkeepers. The people chosen for this position are Justin Rundt (no 1), Dominik Plaue (no 12), and Jonah Born (no 16). Then for the right wingers, the players are Stefan Schroder (no 2) and Ole Stabick (no 7) and for the left wingers, the players are Torsten Jansen (no 4), Christopher Rix (no 24), and Felix Mahrkens (no 28). Then for the line players, there are Niklas Weller (no 13), Finn Nowacki (no 20), and Jonathan Papirow (no 22). For the backs, the left backs consist of Jan Torben Ehlers (no 21), Finn Wullenweber (no 25), and Finn Maciejewski (no 57). The central backs consist of Sebastian Butow (no 2), Lukas Ossenskopp (14), and Tim Siebert (no 34). Lastly, the right backs are Marten Most (no 5), Lasse Kohnagel (no 18), and Jan Forstbauer (no 23).

Of all the players of Handbal Hamburg Club, which ones are your favorites? Which players do you think have the best handball playing skills? Let us know your thought!


Getting to Know Handball Hamburg – A Handball Club from Germany


One of the most favored sports in Germany apart from football is handball. There have been plenty of handball clubs in the country but none is like Handball Hamburg. Have you ever heard about this handball club before? Let’s get to know this club!

The Club in Short
This handball club is from Germany. To be precise, as the name of the club suggests, this handball club is located in Hamburg. Presently, this handball club competes in the third Liga Nord. The name of Handball Hamburg is actually a nick name. The name of this club in full version is Handball Sport Verein Hamburg e.V. However, this handball club has been traditionally called HSV Hamburg, HSV Handball, or as simple as HSV.

The Club before It was Called Handball Hamburg
This handball club is actually an amalgamation of the former clubs of handball namely the HSV Lubeck and Vfl Bad Schwartau, all of which joined their forces in the year of 1999. Then in 2002, both clubs were relocated to the city of Hamburg so that they could grow and rename their club.

After that relocation, those clubs had to face financial issues and they almost lost their club license for joining the German First League of Handball. Fortunately, the clubs received personal investments that could help them a lot. The investments were from Andreas Rudolph, the new president. The investment was granted to the clubs in 2005. Since then, the joint clubs was able to refocus their attention to the operating of the sporting.

The License of the Club
On January 20th, 2016, the license of the club was unfortunately removed because of irregularities. As the result, the club was no longer given any license to take a part in the First or the Second Handball Bundesliga in 2016/17 season.

The club was then relaunched with new colors, new crest, and also new identity. The club was renamed from HSV Hamburg to the current name Handball Hamburg. However, the official name of the club remains the same. The club now is known to play in red colors when it is playing at home and in blue colors when it is away.

The story behind the formation of Handball Hamburg seems to be a little bit complicated. The issue faced by the club is not only about training to be the best handball club but it is also about the license, the changing identity, and such things.

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