Hamburg Handball Club on EHF Competitions

EHF Competitions

Hamburg Handball Club is one of the best handball clubs in Germany. It has won so many important titles from various handball tournaments and championships. Some of those championships are the one from EHF. Find out what this club has achieved so far:

EHF Champions League
To begin with, let’s see the performance of Hamburg Handball Club on EHF Champions League. For your information, this championship is the most important competition for handball club in Europe. This handball competition, which is only open male teams, involves only leading teams from those top nations in Europe. From this statement we can know that Hamburg Handball has been long time named as top male handball club in Europe.

The achievement of Hamburg Handball club in this handball league has been great. In 2011, Hamburg Handball club successfully finalist in the league. Although the club didn’t make it to the winner, Hamburg Handball club made a great move at that time in the handball league. One year later, in 2013, learning from their mistakes in the previous EHF Champions League, this club successfully won the gold medal in this competition. The club’s winning in 2013 is known to be its very first winning and gold medal in this EHF Champions League.

EHF Cup Winner’s Cup
Next, the club also regularly joins EHF Cup Winner’s Cup. This handball competition was an official competition for both male and female handball teams in the Europe. However, not all male and female handball clubs could join this championship. The handball championship was only for those teams who won their national cup and also those handball clubs who took their place every year.

Hamburg Handball is not the team with the most championships in this EHF Cup Winner’s Cup. Of all EHF Cup Winner’s Cup that had been held, Hamburg Handball Club only won once this was in 2007. At that time, Hamburg Handball Club successfully defeated CB Ademar Leon with the score of 28 – 34, 33 – 37. Apart from that winning, there was no report of this club’s achievement in the previous years, including the club’s achievement as semifinals or runner ups.

EHF handball championships are not just handball competitions. These two competitions are the biggest and the most important. Winning in those two handball competitions means that the handball clubs have quality that cannot be belittled, one of those clubs is of course Hamburg Handball Club.


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