Year: 2019

Meet Blazenko Lackovic: Reliable Left Back Player from HSV Hamburg


HSV Hamburg is well known as one of the best handball clubs in Germany. There are several tournaments and leagues which won by HSV Hamburg. Those accomplishments can be separated from the great dedication of its players, coach, staff and all of the teams. And one of the reliable player that success to bring the HSV Hamburg as one of the best handball in Germany is Blazenko Lackovic. Here is brief information about him.

– Personal Information

Blazenko Lackovic was born on December 25, 1980, at Novi Marof, SFR Yugoslafia. Lackovic starts his career as the handball player in Croatian and won the world champion with the Croatian national team in 2003. With his height 1.97, he is choosen as the left back position at the club. This makes a lot of bet is put on the team whenever this name emerges.

He was joined in some handball club until he decides to join the HSV Hamburg club. Start on 1997-2001, he joins RK Varteks Di Caprio Club, on 2001-2004 for the Badel 1862 Zagreb handball club, 20014-2008 for the SG Flensburg-Handewit Club, 2008-2014 join to HSV Hamburg, 2014-2016 join to RK Vardar, 2016-2017 for THW Kiel and on 2017 until now join to HSV Hamburg again. One more time, Hamburg is strong as ever. This team gets even more popular including in online gambling world, which people play and bet on this team when playing.

– Accomplishments Records

As the professional handball players, Blazenko Lackovic has many experiences in tournaments and leagues much time for many different handball clubs as well. For the first medal, Lackovic and the team got a gold medal in the Mediterranean Games. His accomplishment record continued on some tournaments and leagues.

On the Olympics Games Athens in 2014, Lackovic in team competition succeed to bring gold medal, and for the Olympics games in London, Lackovic and team also got a bronze medal in the team competition. He also participated and got accomplishment on some World Championship like got a gold medal on Portugal World Championship 2003, silver medal on Tunisia World Championship 2005, silver medal on Croatia World Championship 2009, and got a bronze medal for Spain World Championship 2013.

Lackovic also success to bring some medal for the team on European Championship, including a silver medal in 2008 at Norway, silver medal in 2010 at Austria, and a bronze medal in 2012 at Serbia.

As one of the best handball club in Germany, HSV Hamburg needs to choose the best player for the club. Blazenko Lackovic has joined the HVS Hamburg as a professional left back player with a lot of experiences to bring more accomplishments for the club.


The Accomplishments of HSV Hamburg


The Accomplishments of HSV Hamburg – If you like a handball sport, you must be familiar with the Handball Sport Verein Hamburg. As one of the popular handball club in Germany, the HSV Hamburg gets several accomplishments and trophies from the tournaments that won.

– About the Handball Sport Verein Hamburg

Handball Sport Verein Hamburg that is also known as HSV Hamburg becomes one of the best handball clubs of Germany Bundesliga. The club adopts the football European Champions Cup and was established in 2002 located in Hamburg Germany. The HSV Hamburg is the successor of the HSV Lubeck and Vfl Bad Schwartau Germany handball club in 1999. And in 2002, those clubs were moved to the Hamburg and rename the club into HSV Hamburg. Even though it is renamed, fans remain loyal to it as seen in how they keep betting on this club when it comes to some online gambling fun.

– The Accomplishments

There are several accomplishments won by HSV Hamburg since its arriving on the league. The first accomplishment was the DHB Super Cup in 2004. In 2006, HSV Hamburg won the other match, DHB Pokal and also DHB Super Cup. And it is continued, for winning the DHB Super Cup in 2009 and 2010. In 2007, the club lifted its first international accomplishment in EHF Cup Winner’s Cup.

The next accomplishment was in the Germany Bundesliga in 2011, it becomes the biggest success for HSV Hamburg to win this German Championship for the first time. And two years later, the HSV Hamburg club also success in the EHF Championship and becomes the winner for the first time.

HSV Hamburg has been popular for its accomplishments in a lot of handball tournaments or leagues. For several years, the club won some achievements and trophies in some tournaments such as in DHB Supercup, DHB Pokal, EHF Cup Winner’s Cup, Handball Bundesliga and also EHF Champions League. Those accomplishments cannot be separated from the dedication of all the players, coaches, staff and the other teams of the club.


Get Closer to Handball Sport Verein Hamburg Youth Team


Get Closer to Handball Sport Verein Hamburg Youth Team – The popularity of handball sports games gets increasing nowadays. It is one of the sports which compete in the Olympic Games. Handball is popular in Europe and especially in German. One of the best handball clubs in German is Handball Sport Verein Hamburg or known as HVS. This club is not only well known for its men squad team but also has a youth team that is divided into several teams.

– Team U-19

The U-19 Handball Sport Verein Hamburg team has 16 players and coached by Sven Rusbult. The players are Jonah Bruggmann, Mats Gelhausen, Fynn Sievert, Alexander Grollmann, Fiete Berger, Skin Ramm, Mikel Geiger Gajate, Leon Petersen, Ole Gunther, Jan Moller, Niclas Ditrich, Jan Erik Kaage, Florian Oachmann, Niko Korda, LennardBenkendorf and Maxim Swiedelsky.

The assistant coach of this team is Lukas Ossenkopp. The U-19 Handball Sport Verein Hamburg team is handled by Henning Scholz for the athletic coach and physiotherapist by Matthias Bludau. The offspring manager of the U-19 team is Stefan Schroder. These names are the reason of the team success, making the team a favorite one when it their playing gambling. Many bettors like to bet on this team in sbobet and try to earn some money from this online gambling.

– Team U-18

The Handball Sport Verein Hamburg also has team U-18 with 15 players and 6 coaches. The players consist of Alexander Pinski, Norwin Anguish, Thore Feit, James Hohmann, Leonard Small, Mats Quardfasel, Alex Must, Maximilian Schwalb, Boye Witschel, Max Niemann, Alexander Hartwig, Lukas Fuerste, Lennard Eggers, Mats Ole Krawietz, and Paul Riesner.

The main coach of the team is Steffen Aevermann. The assistant coaches are Sven Rusbult and Torsten Niemann. The physiotherapist is Mathias Bludau. The athletic coach is Henning Scholz and the offspring manager is Stefan Schroder.

– Team U-17

The third youth team in Handball Sport Verein Hamburg is U-17. This team consists of young men who are 17 years old. There are 15 players on this team. They are Thorben Huntemann, Finn Luca Grundel, Dusterhoft Lars, Michel Wendt, Mats Quardfasel, Niklas Politz, Alexander Must, Gregor Lieke, Max Seewald, Boye Witschel, Lukas Fuerste, Max Niemann, Tobias Pachmann, Paul Riesner and Fynn Luhr.

The trainer of this team is Marcus Kroning. The trainer assists by Steffen Luhr. The physiotherapist is Mathias Bludau. The athletics coach is Henning Scholz and the offspring manager is Stefan Schroder. There are two more youth teams in Handball Sport Verein Hamburg. They are U-15 and U-13. This handball club also provides holiday camp and handball for school which allowing students of Hamburg school practice handball sport.

Handball Sport Verein Hamburg has youth handball teams which consisting of 5 youth team. They are U-19, U-18, U-17, U-15 and U-13. Most of the youth teams are played by up to 16 players. Each team has a trainer, assistant coach, physiotherapist, offspring manger and athletics coach.


THW Kiel has a Good Laugh in Gummersbach


On the 22nd round of the Handball Bundesliga, VfL Gummersbach lost to THW Kiel in the nearly sold-out hall in the SCHWALBE arena. On Thursday evening the Oberbergischen came out against the record master not over 22:35 (8:20) out. 4,022 spectators saw from the beginning a game that was in line with its clear role allocation. After a good first attack and the first goal of the game by Eirik Köpp per seven meters in the second minute, the game started with the 1-0 lead by VfL. However, the Gummersbacher could not gain energy from this. Instead, early in the game structure sneaked up, the THW played in the cards. After four minutes it was already 1: 4.

The first break on Gummersbacher side could initiate no turn. While the Kielers took advantage of every mistake of the VfL ice cold and brought the home team early in the backlog, the team of coach Denis Bahtijarevic collective nerves fluttered. A seven-goal deficit after just nine minutes played was the result (1: 8). The second Gummersbacher goal by Moritz Preuß to 2: 8 (10th minute) brought a little rest into the game, but of safety in the attacking game was still no talking. Only the successful counter-attack of Tobias Schröter to 4:11 in the 14th minute sprayed a little fire on the plate. But against a sovereign and dominating team from Kiel the Gummersbacher came too rarely to the train. The first ten-goal deficit arose at the score of 4:14 in the 18th minute.

Although managed the VfL in the episode in the defense less chance to admit and play courageous in the attack, but by their extremely high failure rate, the Gummersbacher stood on the offensive mostly in the way. After the 8:16 counter-attack by Marvin Sommer in the best phase of the Gummersbacher (24th minute), the guests pulled up the pace again and increased their lead by four more hits until the break (8:20, 30th minute). For the second round, the blue and white had made visibly reduce their twelve-goal burden from the first half at least as well as possible. The first goal after the break belonged to Alexander Becker, who met after ball conquest in the counterattack to 9:20. On three Kiel hits VfL also answered with three goals in a row by Ivan Martinovic (2), who increased significantly after a weak 30 minutes in the second half, and Schröter (12:23, 37th minute). The Gummersbacher now seemed much livelier and more lively. Against a strong THW Kiel, who could not be distracted, the VfL was indeed committed but without the cold-bloodedness in front of the box to melt the residue.


Flensburg Keeps the White Vest against Erlangen


SG Flensburg-Handewitt remains on the road to success in the DKB Handball Bundesliga. She beat HC Erlangen on Sunday afternoon with 28:18 (13: 9) and extended her lead, as THW Kiel lost to SC Magdeburg. “We do not look at others, we continue to pull our thing through,” said SG Managing Director Dierk Schmäschke. Assistant coach Mark Bult summed up in the press conference: It took six minutes for the SG to take the lead through Rasmus Lauge for the first time. The joy lasted but only briefly. The HC Erlangen seemed concentrated, benefited from his goalkeeper Nikolas Katsigiannis and replied. After a quarter of an hour, it was 6: 6. Then Rasmus Lauge raced towards the opponent’s goal and was stopped by a foul that heated their spirits. The referees showed the red card to strong HCE backcourt player Nico Büdel.

In any case, the loss of his best offensive power was a weakening for the guest, which was further thrown back by another outnumbered. As Magnus Jøndal increased from the left wing to 11: 7, leaned back some relaxed in the FLENS ARENA. But the Franks muckten – favored by some inattentiveness of the hosts – again on. Three wounds disturbed the rhythm: Rasmus Lauge had to be treated on the stomach, Magnus Rød on the knee. In addition, Lasse Svan had taken because of problems with the adductors on the bench. Torbjørn Bergerud prevented the connection with a splendid parade. Discussions sparked some whistles in the audience. Did someone take a trill whistle with them? “We came out of the way several times, and the behavior behind the bench was far below the belt,” complained Adalsteinn Eyolfsson.

“This is not worthy of a German master.” Mark Bult made it clear: “Our fans are not unfair, they are passionate about it.” Dierk Schmäschke announced: “If we make any spectator with such a pipe, he gets it with us to do. Such a part has to stay at home, it has nothing to do in sports. In addition, we speak out clearly against violence and against personal insults. ” Maik Machulla drummed his boys together in a team timeout and got them back on track. “Get up when you’re Flensburg”, the fans sang, while Simon Hald scored the 13: 9 halftime score. Marius Steinhauser made a cool “gang litter” into the net, otherwise the SG got off to a rather tough start – also because the opponent deliberately took the tempo out. A perpetually endless Erlangen attack, which ultimately did not bring anything, confirmed that the SG’s 6-0 defensive was well set. So the guest could not catch up. With a hammer Simon Jeppsson marked the 16:11. “Normally he is behind Rasmus Lauge, Jim Gottfridsson or Gøran Søgard Johannessen, but today Simon Jeppsson has done a great job,” praised Mark Bult.


HSV Hamburg Weak in Ferndorf


The HSV Hamburg slips off after an away defeat in the table. After a hapless start phase, the HSVH defeated on Saturday on Matchday 22 of the 2nd Handball Bundesliga with 22:26 (7:14) at TuS Ferndorf. For the first time since the fourth round of the game, the Hamburg are now ranked 16 on a relegation zone. An outstanding Lucas Puhl in goal of TuS Ferndorf, an impressive backdrop in the occupied with 3,754 spectators Schwalbe Arena in Gummersbach and a catastrophic goal exploitation in the first 20 minutes took the handball sports club Hamburg in the away game against TuS Ferndorf early hope against to take two points with the sixth. Already at break, the team of coach Torsten Jansen was back with seven goals. In the second round, the HSVH defended until the end against the defeat, but the dominant and sovereign hosts had not enough to oppose, to make the game even more exciting.

The crucial phase of the game occurred right at the beginning. It took until the 6th minute before any team could score a goal, as the well-placed keeper on both sides were awake from the start and both teams let their chances partly lie about recklessly. And already in the 2nd minute hinted that Hamburg had caught a used day today: The otherwise safe seven-meter shooter Lukas Ossenkopp failed from the line to Ferndorf’s keeper Puhl and the HSVH made it to the 8th minute, not at all to score your own goal. Philipp Bauer then managed the redemption, as he met to 3-1, the Ferndorfer in the following minutes but quickly expanded to a 6-1 lead (11). Ossenkopp’s 6-2 (13th) goal and Kevin Herbst’s 7-3 (17 ‘) goal were the only HSVH goals in the opening 20 minutes of the game, leaving the TuS with seven goals in the 20th minute could (10: 3).

Against a top team like Ferndorf is an early seven-goal deficit already like a preliminary decision. A 4-1 run on Hamburger side (21st to 27th) shortened the score briefly (11: 7), but in the end it went with 14: 7 and thus again with seven goals difference in the break. After the break, coach Jansen relied on Lukas Ossenkopp, who was hapless and replaced in the first round, and sent Dominik Axmann on the plate for Kevin Herbst. The young Axmann was to be the most accurate hamburger in the end, who turned his four throws from the field all, but still classified in the wrong-throw list of the seven -meter line behind Lukas Ossenkopp and Niklas Weller.


The Challenge of Being a THW Kiel Handball Club Overseas fans


One thing is certain, being a fan of clubs competing in Handball-Bundesliga from abroad, especially countries outside Europe is not an easy matter. Starting from the matter of how to be able to watch matches directly has become a problem in itself. Even though people say, love starts from the eye to the heart. Now, if it’s hard to get the chance to watch a match, how can anyone fall in love with Handball-Bundesliga? At least in the last decade, THW Kiel Handball-Bundesliga fans have always been anxious about each approaching the new season, waiting for whether there are local television stations in their respective countries that are willing to broadcast Handball-Bundesliga directly or not. Actually, it is understandable that even local TV does not want to broadcast Handball-Bundesliga because there are not too many viewers. Few want to fill in the ad slot. Loss of bookies.

And perhaps another difficulty for local television to broadcast Handball-Bundesliga is finding commentators who understand German handball. It is not uncommon for new commentators to have little knowledge about German handball clubs. In essence, quite often a transitional problem occurs when commentators discuss during a pause. As if he didn’t really understand the course of the match. Maybe when the match took place, commentators instead watched the Handball-Bundesliga, but saw a big Spanish League match. If fans of neighboring clubs hope that their team will get a draw with a relatively weaker club, Handball-Bundesliga fans want their team to meet popular clubs because that is the only way that the match can be broadcast live on local television.

Another alternative if you want to watch live is via live streaming. The problem with this option is that internet quota is not always stable. Not infrequently when you’re cool watching, traffic jams broadcast. And right back smoothly, the score has changed 1-0. Therefore, Handball-Bundesliga fans who can’t or have difficulty watching matches, their favorite team can only rely on news, both in print and television, to get information about the picture of the game. Well, here another challenge arises. It has long been discrimination against the Handball-Bundesliga coverage. But actually, the attention of the club players to overseas fans is still limited to the virtual world. The hopes of Handball-Bundesliga fans, in this case especially from THW Kiel fans, to see their idols visiting them have not received a positive signal from the club. Clubs in Handball-Bundesliga still seem to prefer to visit several other potential markets around Europe. No problem. While continuing to hope, fans continue to diligently train chants in German to prepare who knows when their favorite clubs come to visit.


Who is Behind the Accomplishments of Hamburg Handball Club?


There have been many websites and articles in the internet discussing Hamburg Handball with all its track record and accomplishments. Yet, there may be none discussing “the person” behind all the accomplishments. He is the head coach of the club. Who is he? Here is his profile:

Getting to Know Torsten “Toto” Jansen
Yup! He is Torsten “Toto” Jansen. He was formerl a German hand baller who spent most of his times in his career playing and dedicating his skill to HSV Hamburg in Bundesliga. Besides, Toto was German national team’s regular member. Then in March 2017, he took over the position of the head coach of Hamburg Handball Club.

Toto once was granted with a silver medal in 2004, at the Summer Olympics in Athens. Another great accomplishment of Toto occurred in 2008. In that year, he was chosen to be the representation of Germany for 2008 Summer Olympics that was held in Beijing. In addition to that, Toto once became European champion in 2004 and a World Champion in 2007. With such amazing career journey, he carries a heavy duty of bringing Hamburg Handball Club to obtain important handball tournament titles in Germany.

Quick Facts about Torsten “Toto” Jansen
Now that you have known a glimpse of Toto along with his amazing track record in handball sport, now let’s see some quick facts about him.

He was born in Adenau, Germany on December 23rd, 1976. With its 1.85-m height, he plays the position of Left Wing for Hamburg Handball. When playing with Hamburg Handball Club, he is on number 5. Toto in his youth career joined two different handball clubs. They are TV Witzhelden in 1982 – 1992 and Wermelskirchener TV in 1992 – 1994.

Meanwhile, he has joined several senior handball clubs. They are TUSEM Essen in 1994 – 1995, SG Solingen in 1995 – 2001, HSG Nordhorn in 2001 – 2003, HSV Hamburg in 2003 – 2015, THW Kiel in 2015 – 2016, and Handball Sport Verein Hamburg in 2016 – 2017.

With such experiences, there should be no any questions about why the club chose him to be the head coach. Toto has compiled so many experiences in playing handball that has equipped him with a superb skill in this sport and thus forward that skill to the current players of Hamburg Handball Club.

If you and are the fans of Hamburg Handball Club, you may have been familiar with Torsten “Toto” Jansen. He must have been a great coach for the team, don’t you think?


Getting to Know Hamburg Handball Players for this Season


Handball becomes a well-known sport nowadays and one rising handball team from German is Hamburg Handball or in German, they are called Handball Sport Verein Hamburg. They have many good players and let’s get to know the Hamburg Handball players for this season.

• The Current Staff
This team has been coached by Torsten Jansen for one year now. He is a former handball player and he spent most of his career with HSV or Hamburg Handball, played in Bundesliga. He was also a part of Germany handball national team. Considering his talent, Evermann, Hamburg Handball president, lets Jansen take over the coach position.

Jansen is helped by several people such as Markus Groß, the co-trainer and also team coordinator, Florian Meier and Philipp Kraul as Goalkeepers coaches, and Christina Dressel as the Physiotherapist. Together they guide this Hamburg Handball team in the last and definitely next season.

• The Players
Like in other handball teams, Hamburg Handball team is also divided into several groups which are goalkeepers, right wingers, left wingers, line players, left backs, central backs, and right backs. It is just similar with what football team has.

The goalkeepers of Hamburg Handball are Justin Rundt, Jonah Bom, and Dominik Plaue. The right wingers are Stefan Schröder and Ole Stabick. Stefan Schröder was the player of Germany handball national team in 2007 and they won the world championship.

The leftwingers are Christopher Rix, Torsten Jansen, and Felix Mahrkens. The line players are Finn Nowacki, Niklas Weller, and Jonathan Papirow. The left back players are Finn Wullenweber, Jan Torben Ehlers, and Finn Maciejewski. In the right back position, there are Lasse Kohnagel, Marten Most, and Jan Forstbauer. The central backs are Lukas Ossenskopp, Sebastian Butow, and Tim Siebert.

All of those players are chosen by the president of Handball Hamburg and of course, many of them are the loyal players of the team. Loyalty is the most valuable thing from this team that should be taken as an example by other clubs. Not only the loyalty of the staff such as the coach himself but also from the 15 players. So in total, there are 20 people in this team.

Do you want to know more about Hamburg Handball players for this season? Why don’t you check out their performances in the real match? You can watch it by live streaming and see with your own eyes that they are good players.

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