Getting to Know Hamburg Handball Players for this Season

Handball Players for this Season

Handball becomes a well-known sport nowadays and one rising handball team from German is Hamburg Handball or in German, they are called Handball Sport Verein Hamburg. They have many good players and let’s get to know the Hamburg Handball players for this season.

• The Current Staff
This team has been coached by Torsten Jansen for one year now. He is a former handball player and he spent most of his career with HSV or Hamburg Handball, played in Bundesliga. He was also a part of Germany handball national team. Considering his talent, Evermann, Hamburg Handball president, lets Jansen take over the coach position.

Jansen is helped by several people such as Markus Groß, the co-trainer and also team coordinator, Florian Meier and Philipp Kraul as Goalkeepers coaches, and Christina Dressel as the Physiotherapist. Together they guide this Hamburg Handball team in the last and definitely next season.

• The Players
Like in other handball teams, Hamburg Handball team is also divided into several groups which are goalkeepers, right wingers, left wingers, line players, left backs, central backs, and right backs. It is just similar with what football team has.

The goalkeepers of Hamburg Handball are Justin Rundt, Jonah Bom, and Dominik Plaue. The right wingers are Stefan Schröder and Ole Stabick. Stefan Schröder was the player of Germany handball national team in 2007 and they won the world championship.

The leftwingers are Christopher Rix, Torsten Jansen, and Felix Mahrkens. The line players are Finn Nowacki, Niklas Weller, and Jonathan Papirow. The left back players are Finn Wullenweber, Jan Torben Ehlers, and Finn Maciejewski. In the right back position, there are Lasse Kohnagel, Marten Most, and Jan Forstbauer. The central backs are Lukas Ossenskopp, Sebastian Butow, and Tim Siebert.

All of those players are chosen by the president of Handball Hamburg and of course, many of them are the loyal players of the team. Loyalty is the most valuable thing from this team that should be taken as an example by other clubs. Not only the loyalty of the staff such as the coach himself but also from the 15 players. So in total, there are 20 people in this team.

Do you want to know more about Hamburg Handball players for this season? Why don’t you check out their performances in the real match? You can watch it by live streaming and see with your own eyes that they are good players.


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