Month: February 2019

The Challenge of Being a THW Kiel Handball Club Overseas fans


One thing is certain, being a fan of clubs competing in Handball-Bundesliga from abroad, especially countries outside Europe is not an easy matter. Starting from the matter of how to be able to watch matches directly has become a problem in itself. Even though people say, love starts from the eye to the heart. Now, if it’s hard to get the chance to watch a match, how can anyone fall in love with Handball-Bundesliga? At least in the last decade, THW Kiel Handball-Bundesliga fans have always been anxious about each approaching the new season, waiting for whether there are local television stations in their respective countries that are willing to broadcast Handball-Bundesliga directly or not. Actually, it is understandable that even local TV does not want to broadcast Handball-Bundesliga because there are not too many viewers. Few want to fill in the ad slot. Loss of bookies.

And perhaps another difficulty for local television to broadcast Handball-Bundesliga is finding commentators who understand German handball. It is not uncommon for new commentators to have little knowledge about German handball clubs. In essence, quite often a transitional problem occurs when commentators discuss during a pause. As if he didn’t really understand the course of the match. Maybe when the match took place, commentators instead watched the Handball-Bundesliga, but saw a big Spanish League match. If fans of neighboring clubs hope that their team will get a draw with a relatively weaker club, Handball-Bundesliga fans want their team to meet popular clubs because that is the only way that the match can be broadcast live on local television.

Another alternative if you want to watch live is via live streaming. The problem with this option is that internet quota is not always stable. Not infrequently when you’re cool watching, traffic jams broadcast. And right back smoothly, the score has changed 1-0. Therefore, Handball-Bundesliga fans who can’t or have difficulty watching matches, their favorite team can only rely on news, both in print and television, to get information about the picture of the game. Well, here another challenge arises. It has long been discrimination against the Handball-Bundesliga coverage. But actually, the attention of the club players to overseas fans is still limited to the virtual world. The hopes of Handball-Bundesliga fans, in this case especially from THW Kiel fans, to see their idols visiting them have not received a positive signal from the club. Clubs in Handball-Bundesliga still seem to prefer to visit several other potential markets around Europe. No problem. While continuing to hope, fans continue to diligently train chants in German to prepare who knows when their favorite clubs come to visit.

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