Month: July 2019

Flensburg Keeps the White Vest against Erlangen


SG Flensburg-Handewitt remains on the road to success in the DKB Handball Bundesliga. She beat HC Erlangen on Sunday afternoon with 28:18 (13: 9) and extended her lead, as THW Kiel lost to SC Magdeburg. “We do not look at others, we continue to pull our thing through,” said SG Managing Director Dierk Schmäschke. Assistant coach Mark Bult summed up in the press conference: It took six minutes for the SG to take the lead through Rasmus Lauge for the first time. The joy lasted but only briefly. The HC Erlangen seemed concentrated, benefited from his goalkeeper Nikolas Katsigiannis and replied. After a quarter of an hour, it was 6: 6. Then Rasmus Lauge raced towards the opponent’s goal and was stopped by a foul that heated their spirits. The referees showed the red card to strong HCE backcourt player Nico Büdel.

In any case, the loss of his best offensive power was a weakening for the guest, which was further thrown back by another outnumbered. As Magnus Jøndal increased from the left wing to 11: 7, leaned back some relaxed in the FLENS ARENA. But the Franks muckten – favored by some inattentiveness of the hosts – again on. Three wounds disturbed the rhythm: Rasmus Lauge had to be treated on the stomach, Magnus Rød on the knee. In addition, Lasse Svan had taken because of problems with the adductors on the bench. Torbjørn Bergerud prevented the connection with a splendid parade. Discussions sparked some whistles in the audience. Did someone take a trill whistle with them? “We came out of the way several times, and the behavior behind the bench was far below the belt,” complained Adalsteinn Eyolfsson.

“This is not worthy of a German master.” Mark Bult made it clear: “Our fans are not unfair, they are passionate about it.” Dierk Schmäschke announced: “If we make any spectator with such a pipe, he gets it with us to do. Such a part has to stay at home, it has nothing to do in sports. In addition, we speak out clearly against violence and against personal insults. ” Maik Machulla drummed his boys together in a team timeout and got them back on track. “Get up when you’re Flensburg”, the fans sang, while Simon Hald scored the 13: 9 halftime score. Marius Steinhauser made a cool “gang litter” into the net, otherwise the SG got off to a rather tough start – also because the opponent deliberately took the tempo out. A perpetually endless Erlangen attack, which ultimately did not bring anything, confirmed that the SG’s 6-0 defensive was well set. So the guest could not catch up. With a hammer Simon Jeppsson marked the 16:11. “Normally he is behind Rasmus Lauge, Jim Gottfridsson or Gøran Søgard Johannessen, but today Simon Jeppsson has done a great job,” praised Mark Bult.

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