Month: October 2019

Get Closer to Handball Sport Verein Hamburg Youth Team


Get Closer to Handball Sport Verein Hamburg Youth Team – The popularity of handball sports games gets increasing nowadays. It is one of the sports which compete in the Olympic Games. Handball is popular in Europe and especially in German. One of the best handball clubs in German is Handball Sport Verein Hamburg or known as HVS. This club is not only well known for its men squad team but also has a youth team that is divided into several teams.

– Team U-19

The U-19 Handball Sport Verein Hamburg team has 16 players and coached by Sven Rusbult. The players are Jonah Bruggmann, Mats Gelhausen, Fynn Sievert, Alexander Grollmann, Fiete Berger, Skin Ramm, Mikel Geiger Gajate, Leon Petersen, Ole Gunther, Jan Moller, Niclas Ditrich, Jan Erik Kaage, Florian Oachmann, Niko Korda, LennardBenkendorf and Maxim Swiedelsky.

The assistant coach of this team is Lukas Ossenkopp. The U-19 Handball Sport Verein Hamburg team is handled by Henning Scholz for the athletic coach and physiotherapist by Matthias Bludau. The offspring manager of the U-19 team is Stefan Schroder. These names are the reason of the team success, making the team a favorite one when it their playing gambling. Many bettors like to bet on this team in sbobet and try to earn some money from this online gambling.

– Team U-18

The Handball Sport Verein Hamburg also has team U-18 with 15 players and 6 coaches. The players consist of Alexander Pinski, Norwin Anguish, Thore Feit, James Hohmann, Leonard Small, Mats Quardfasel, Alex Must, Maximilian Schwalb, Boye Witschel, Max Niemann, Alexander Hartwig, Lukas Fuerste, Lennard Eggers, Mats Ole Krawietz, and Paul Riesner.

The main coach of the team is Steffen Aevermann. The assistant coaches are Sven Rusbult and Torsten Niemann. The physiotherapist is Mathias Bludau. The athletic coach is Henning Scholz and the offspring manager is Stefan Schroder.

– Team U-17

The third youth team in Handball Sport Verein Hamburg is U-17. This team consists of young men who are 17 years old. There are 15 players on this team. They are Thorben Huntemann, Finn Luca Grundel, Dusterhoft Lars, Michel Wendt, Mats Quardfasel, Niklas Politz, Alexander Must, Gregor Lieke, Max Seewald, Boye Witschel, Lukas Fuerste, Max Niemann, Tobias Pachmann, Paul Riesner and Fynn Luhr.

The trainer of this team is Marcus Kroning. The trainer assists by Steffen Luhr. The physiotherapist is Mathias Bludau. The athletics coach is Henning Scholz and the offspring manager is Stefan Schroder. There are two more youth teams in Handball Sport Verein Hamburg. They are U-15 and U-13. This handball club also provides holiday camp and handball for school which allowing students of Hamburg school practice handball sport.

Handball Sport Verein Hamburg has youth handball teams which consisting of 5 youth team. They are U-19, U-18, U-17, U-15 and U-13. Most of the youth teams are played by up to 16 players. Each team has a trainer, assistant coach, physiotherapist, offspring manger and athletics coach.

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