Meet Blazenko Lackovic: Reliable Left Back Player from HSV Hamburg

Meet Blazenko Lackovic, Reliable Left Back Player from HSV Hamburg

HSV Hamburg is well known as one of the best handball clubs in Germany. There are several tournaments and leagues which won by HSV Hamburg. Those accomplishments can be separated from the great dedication of its players, coach, staff and all of the teams. And one of the reliable player that success to bring the HSV Hamburg as one of the best handball in Germany is Blazenko Lackovic. Here is brief information about him.

– Personal Information

Blazenko Lackovic was born on December 25, 1980, at Novi Marof, SFR Yugoslafia. Lackovic starts his career as the handball player in Croatian and won the world champion with the Croatian national team in 2003. With his height 1.97, he is choosen as the left back position at the club. This makes a lot of bet is put on the team whenever this name emerges.

He was joined in some handball club until he decides to join the HSV Hamburg club. Start on 1997-2001, he joins RK Varteks Di Caprio Club, on 2001-2004 for the Badel 1862 Zagreb handball club, 20014-2008 for the SG Flensburg-Handewit Club, 2008-2014 join to HSV Hamburg, 2014-2016 join to RK Vardar, 2016-2017 for THW Kiel and on 2017 until now join to HSV Hamburg again. One more time, Hamburg is strong as ever. This team gets even more popular including in online gambling world, which people play and bet on this team when playing.

– Accomplishments Records

As the professional handball players, Blazenko Lackovic has many experiences in tournaments and leagues much time for many different handball clubs as well. For the first medal, Lackovic and the team got a gold medal in the Mediterranean Games. His accomplishment record continued on some tournaments and leagues.

On the Olympics Games Athens in 2014, Lackovic in team competition succeed to bring gold medal, and for the Olympics games in London, Lackovic and team also got a bronze medal in the team competition. He also participated and got accomplishment on some World Championship like got a gold medal on Portugal World Championship 2003, silver medal on Tunisia World Championship 2005, silver medal on Croatia World Championship 2009, and got a bronze medal for Spain World Championship 2013.

Lackovic also success to bring some medal for the team on European Championship, including a silver medal in 2008 at Norway, silver medal in 2010 at Austria, and a bronze medal in 2012 at Serbia.

As one of the best handball club in Germany, HSV Hamburg needs to choose the best player for the club. Blazenko Lackovic has joined the HVS Hamburg as a professional left back player with a lot of experiences to bring more accomplishments for the club.


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