The Accomplishments of HSV Hamburg

The Accomplishments of HSV Hamburg

The Accomplishments of HSV Hamburg – If you like a handball sport, you must be familiar with the Handball Sport Verein Hamburg. As one of the popular handball club in Germany, the HSV Hamburg gets several accomplishments and trophies from the tournaments that won.

– About the Handball Sport Verein Hamburg

Handball Sport Verein Hamburg that is also known as HSV Hamburg becomes one of the best handball clubs of Germany Bundesliga. The club adopts the football European Champions Cup and was established in 2002 located in Hamburg Germany. The HSV Hamburg is the successor of the HSV Lubeck and Vfl Bad Schwartau Germany handball club in 1999. And in 2002, those clubs were moved to the Hamburg and rename the club into HSV Hamburg. Even though it is renamed, fans remain loyal to it as seen in how they keep betting on this club when it comes to some online gambling fun.

– The Accomplishments

There are several accomplishments won by HSV Hamburg since its arriving on the league. The first accomplishment was the DHB Super Cup in 2004. In 2006, HSV Hamburg won the other match, DHB Pokal and also DHB Super Cup. And it is continued, for winning the DHB Super Cup in 2009 and 2010. In 2007, the club lifted its first international accomplishment in EHF Cup Winner’s Cup.

The next accomplishment was in the Germany Bundesliga in 2011, it becomes the biggest success for HSV Hamburg to win this German Championship for the first time. And two years later, the HSV Hamburg club also success in the EHF Championship and becomes the winner for the first time.

HSV Hamburg has been popular for its accomplishments in a lot of handball tournaments or leagues. For several years, the club won some achievements and trophies in some tournaments such as in DHB Supercup, DHB Pokal, EHF Cup Winner’s Cup, Handball Bundesliga and also EHF Champions League. Those accomplishments cannot be separated from the dedication of all the players, coaches, staff and the other teams of the club.


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