Month: August 2020

Great Handball Sport Teams in Germany


Great Handball Sport Teams in Germany – For those who live in European region, the term of handball sport is quite famous. It is because this sport is something that many European people love, especially the German. Most of the Germans are in love with this kind of sport. That is why it is not an awkward thing to find that there are a lot of great handball sport teams that you can find in German. If you are interested to know some of them, here is the list of some of the greatest handball sport teams that are originated from Germany.

– HSG Kreuzberg
This team was established in 2001. Yes, it is not long ago. As a matter of fact, this handball sport team was established less than two decades ago. Even though, this team has dominated many handball sport events in Germany. This team was split into four different teams and each team plays on different division. Some people might think that this is not effective because it is better to make a strong team to dominate the matches. Yet, HSG Kreuzberg has its own way to dominate all of those handball sport divisions in Germany and always to be favorite betting on site when this team match in competition.

– Fusche Berlin
The second one is Fusche Berlin. It is not a secret that Berlin is one of the mostly known cities in Germany. That is why you can find almost everything here, including the great handball sport team. The name is Fusche Berlin. This team was started in 1890 and that means this team was found more than a century ago. This can be a simple way to think that this team is doing great until this time. For your information, Fusche Berlin has simple rule for all of its players. If you want to be a serious player, then you need to show it with your achievements for the team.

HSV Hamburg

– HSV Hamburg
The last but not least is the HSV Hamburg. This handball team is quite similar with HSG Kreuzberg because the team was found in 1999. During the first decade, this team had a troublesome financial crisis, but HSV Hamburg was able to deal with it. That is why they were able to win a lot of competitions. As an addition to that, HSV Hamburg also attracted a lot of great players, not only from the European region, but also from some other regions. Bruno Souza from Brazil and Yoon Kyung-shin from South Korea are two of the examples of great players that joined this team.

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