Month: September 2020

Uwe Gensheimer Just Wants to Play Matches Again


GUwe Gensheimer, Germany handball team captain, just wants to play the game he loved wherever it will be. Since he missed the matches in early this year due to injury and then the pandemic, he just wishes that he can play again.
• He is Well-recovered
This pandemic time is proven to be a perfect time for him to be recovered from the foot injury. He said that he missed the first training week with the new coach, Alfred Gislason. He said that he could recover perfectly since there is no rush to go back to the field immediately. As we know, all matches are postponed because of the pandemic.

He seems unbothered with the matches postpone and somehow feeling lucky so that he can fully recover and get ready for the next matches. It is just like how online betting players are unbothered with pandemic since they still can play the game and place the bet online on He also said that this pandemic time is a chance for him and other players to take a rest since they often complained about the full schedule.

• Gensheimer just Wants to Play Matches Soon
After some weeks being quarantined at home and having an individual workout to maintain stamina, Gensheimer and his team were allowed to train in Lowen training hall. However, they only can practice in a small group. However, the team should go back to the individual session since Bundesliga was cancelled.

This makes Gensheimer miss the field and matches so bad. He just wishes that this pandemic will be over so he can have a normal training session with his teammates and have some fun. He also misses the matches, and fortunately, there is hope.

He may return to the match with the national team in the late October for EHF EURO 2022 qualification. Gensheimer said that it is a unique experience since the last game he played with the national team was also EHF EURO. However, he doesn’t have any expectation when it comes to the country where the matches will be held as long as he can play well.
Well, the captain doesn’t have an unrealistic hope. He just wants everything going back to normal then he can have matches again.


The Best Handball Club in German


The Best Handball Club in German – For some nations outside European region, the sport of handball might not be that interesting. Yet, the handball sport is considered as one of the best sports that many people are playing in European region, especially in German. It is because this sport is very fun to do and there are a lot of great talents in this kind of sport that you can find in German. For your information, German is considered as one of the biggest basses of handball clubs with the HSV Hamburg as one of the best. Yes, the name of Handball Sport Verein Hamburg is considered as one of the best, not only in German but also in the whole European region.

– Amazing History of Handball Sport
There are a lot of great reasons why HSV Hamburg is considered as one of the best in this kind of sport. One of them is because of the amazing history of this club in Hamburg. At the beginning, HSV Hamburg was not a big team until they joined forces in 1999. That is just two decades ago. After they joined forces, the financial crisis became their worst nightmare. Yet, this team was able to deal with the problems and slowly rose up again. This team started everything from the bottom, but HSV Hamburg proved that they were able to do that. That is because in the last two decades they have won a lot of local competitions perfectly. The first one was the DBH Supercup in 2004 and 2006, followed with the DHB Pokal. Before the end of 2010, this team also won some other competitions such as the EHF Cup in 2007, another DHB Pokal in 2010, followed with winning the DHB Supercup on the same years.

Attracted a Lot of Great Players
For your information, the handball sport is not that famous outside European region. Even though, there are a lot of amazing players throughout the European region. This is another thing that made the HSV Hamburg as one of the best handball sport team in European region. This team is like a magnet for many great players all around Europe. There were a lot of amazing players that joined this team. For example, you can find the name of Dan Beutler and Tomas Svensson as two of the best Swedish players that played for HSV Hamburg. The name of Bruno Souza from Bazil was also listed there. To finish it, you can also find the name of Yoon Kyung-shin from Korea.

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