HSV Handball: Player Formation for 2020

HSV Handball, Player Formation for 2020

HSV Handball: Player Formation for 2020 – HSV Handball and Handball Sport Verein Hamburg is one of the best handball clubs in Hamburg, Germany. The club has great former players and can still defend its place in the Champions League. The club will also participate next season with great players on their sleeves. Here are the players for this season.
– Blazenko Lackovic Will Not Participate in This Season
HSV handball has lots of great players, including the best one, Blazenko Lackovic. Lakovic brought the team up as the championship winner of the 2012-2013 season in the final, defeating FC Barcelona. This is the first win for him although he has played for different senior clubs since 1997.

However, he won’t participate in this season because of the incident during the match. He injured his left shoulder and at the time was a player as well as assistant coach to head coach Torsten Jansen. Because of the injury, he underwent surgery and cannot continue as a player this season. However, he will still join as the assistant coach before joining as a player again.

Team Performance in 2020
For this season, the team hopes that they can still perform well in the 2020 season although the best player won’t join the match. Luckily, the team still has hope for this season because the players are handled by the best coach as well as the best player and they start to begin their training in the Christmas last year.

During the interview, Lackovic stated that he cannot join as a player for at least five weeks until he is fully recovered. However, he added that he will help build and develop the team so that they can get better this season. He will happily cheer on the players from the coaches bench and hopes the team can greet bigger spectators this season, like increasing the number of players playing online slot games on

The club’s best players cannot participate this season and some believe the club might not do well this season. However, Lackovic took part as the assistant of the club and he stated that he will make the club perform better this season.


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