Already Know Hsv Hamburg Germany? The German Handball Team That Never Stops Fighting

Hsv Hamburg Germany

Who is not familiar with HSV Hamburg Germany? Of course, for lovers of handball teams, this name will certainly be familiar. Because the name of this team is always subscribed in winning matches in the Bundesliga. Because this team always plays in the Bundesliga, finally HSV Hamburg Germany has a nickname, namely dinosaurs. This is because only the HSV Hamburg Germany team is left until the end of the Bundesliga match. How? Interested in the information?

Not only as one of the clubs that often get trophies in the Bundesliga, but this team is the oldest team. Please note, this team has been formed since 1888 and is still growing rapidly.
And since 1919, the HSV Hamburg Germany team has always been the team that is in the top flight in the German football competition. No wonder the presence of this team also managed to become one of the challengers from Nuremberg. Even the HSV Hamburg Germany team won the victoria cup in 1923 and 1928. And supposedly in 1922, the German team had to succeed but there was something odd that happened there. When the match against Nuremberg, Hamburg appeared a draw with the end of the game making the score 2-2. After that, the game began to resume and began to be stopped after 3 hours of playing. And the referee began to end the match.

Hsv Hamburg Germany

Finally, the match was repeated again for Nuremberg and Hamburg. But it’s the same as the previous match which ended in a draw, this time with the score 1-1. Against Hamburg, Nuremberg had to admit that he had lost two of his players. There was Willi Boss who was sent off for kicking the stomach of one of the opposing players. And recommended with Kugler who started out injured but so far doesn’t want to be replaced. Until finally Nuremberg inevitably had to play with a total of 7 players. Because of these 7 players, the game was finally dismissed for violating the rules and the match. It also causes Hamburg to feel confident because it will be the winner. But suddenly the DFB decided that no one could win the Victorian trophy in 1922.

In the 1970s, HSV Hamburg Germany also achieved its heyday until 1980. There were many achievements that were achieved by them, for example, Deutscher Meister in 1979, 1982 and 1983.
Because of that success they managed to go unbeaten for 26 times in the Bundesliga match in January 1982 – January 1983. Not only at home, it turns out that the success of HSV Hamburg Germany was also achieved on the European continent. They managed to win the Champions Cup in 1983, because they can beat Juventus 1-0. This is because through Felix Magath’s goal and managed to become one of the Winners Cup winners in 1977. Even managed to beat Anderlecht with a score of 2-0. There are several players involved in it such as Georg Volkert, Felix Magath, Horst Hrubesch and Kevin Keegan. There was even an architect who was an expert at that time, namely the eccentric coach from Austria, Ernst Happel. This handball team has also become a favorite team in the world of casino online gambling because they are always consistent and have a great chance of winning when playing. It turns out that there are many things that have been achieved by HSV Hamburg Germany. So, it’s only natural that this team managed to win various matches. Of course there is no need to match how great the quality of the HSV Hamburg Germany team is.