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Who Are Inside Handball Hamburg Club


Handball Hamburg Club has taken a part in Germany handball sport since a long time. This club has also come from a very long history since it was established. The history of this handball club may have been known widely. Yet, how about the people inside the club? Who are they? Who are the staff and who are playing for the club?

The Staff
To begin with, let’s get to know the head coach of the club. It is Torsten Jansen. He is a former handballer for German. He spent most of his career journey playing for the same club he coaches now. He was also a regular German national team member. Jansen took over the position of the head coach of the club in March 2017.

Meanwhile, the position of co-trainer or team coordinator belongs to Markus Grob. The staff of the club also includes coalkeepers coach. There are two coaches for this position namely Florian Meier and Philipp Kraul. Last but not least, the staff also includes physiotherapist. Christina Dressel is in charge of this position. Overall, there are 5 people who are trusted to be the “main people” for the club. The staff may be small but they carry a very big task to succeed the club.

The Current Squad
In this club, it is not only about the 5 people who become the staff of the club. It is also about the players that form the current squad. Overall, there are 20 people chosen and trusted to be the players of the club. All of those 20 players are German. No players from other countries are included in the current squad.

Let’s start from the goalkeepers. The people chosen for this position are Justin Rundt (no 1), Dominik Plaue (no 12), and Jonah Born (no 16). Then for the right wingers, the players are Stefan Schroder (no 2) and Ole Stabick (no 7) and for the left wingers, the players are Torsten Jansen (no 4), Christopher Rix (no 24), and Felix Mahrkens (no 28). Then for the line players, there are Niklas Weller (no 13), Finn Nowacki (no 20), and Jonathan Papirow (no 22). For the backs, the left backs consist of Jan Torben Ehlers (no 21), Finn Wullenweber (no 25), and Finn Maciejewski (no 57). The central backs consist of Sebastian Butow (no 2), Lukas Ossenskopp (14), and Tim Siebert (no 34). Lastly, the right backs are Marten Most (no 5), Lasse Kohnagel (no 18), and Jan Forstbauer (no 23).

Of all the players of Handbal Hamburg Club, which ones are your favorites? Which players do you think have the best handball playing skills? Let us know your thought!

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