Match 3 Hours 10 Minutes Between HSV Hamburg Germany Vs Nemburg

Football has been the most popular sport for a long time. Various countries have history and legend football teams that are still remembered with the achievements they made. handball team hsv hamburg germany which used to be a giant team from germany. The Hamburg football team is one of the teams that has a record in the Bundesliga with an unbeaten streak of 36 matches and this record was only broken in 2014. With star players and brilliant performances since the 1990s, this team has gained a lot of true fans and has become one of the most popular football teams in the world. respected team at the time.

hsv hamburg handball

The history of the German hsv hamburg handball team began in 1888 where this football team was officially formed for the first time and immediately became the ruler of the era. The big teams that exist today don’t even have anything to do with the Hamburg team, call them Wender Bremen, Dortmund, and Schalke 04. Bayern Muchen, which is currently the best football team in Germany, was not able to compete with the Hamburg team at that time. In 1919, Hamburg was the main challenger to FC Numberg who at the time was the ruler of Germany. Numberg managed to dominate the German league by winning the Victoria Cup in 1923 and 1928. Humberg at that time could have won the Victoria Cup match in 1922 but the match between Humberg and Numberg was strange. At that time, the league ended in a 2-2 draw after playing for 90 minutes but the league continued and was stopped when it got dark. Where the match lasted for 3 hours 10 minutes before finally being stopped because it was getting dark.

At that time, the match still ended in a draw so the match continued. Unfortunately, the match was fierce and resulted in two players from Numberg being sent off. The first is because of kicking the opponent and the second player due to injury who is forced to continue playing because the substitution has not yet been applied in a football match. The number of Number players at that time was deemed not to comply with the rules so that the match had to be stopped. The DFB decided victory was awarded to Humberg but due to sportsmanship, the DFB did not decide the winner for the 1922 Victoria Cup. This makes the match which runs for 3 hours 10 minutes does not produce the end of the game desired by both teams.

This bizarre match between Hamburg and Numberg became an unforgettable part of German football history. At that time, the rules of football that were not the same as today made many things happen, even injured players still had to play because the team could not replace the player. The Humberg team is one of the old teams that was able to survive until 2016-2017 until finally experiencing relegation for occupying the bottom of the Bundesliga league for 4 seasons. To date, the Humberg football team is one of the best teams with its own achievements and records. There are still many German football fans who respect the team that is no longer playing in the Bundesliga. The unusual match above is also one part of the history of the hamburg football team that will not be forgotten and is unlikely to be experienced by any other football team today.