HSV Hamburg

HSV Hamburg Weak in Ferndorf


The HSV Hamburg slips off after an away defeat in the table. After a hapless start phase, the HSVH defeated on Saturday on Matchday 22 of the 2nd Handball Bundesliga with 22:26 (7:14) at TuS Ferndorf. For the first time since the fourth round of the game, the Hamburg are now ranked 16 on a relegation zone. An outstanding Lucas Puhl in goal of TuS Ferndorf, an impressive backdrop in the occupied with 3,754 spectators Schwalbe Arena in Gummersbach and a catastrophic goal exploitation in the first 20 minutes took the handball sports club Hamburg in the away game against TuS Ferndorf early hope against to take two points with the sixth. Already at break, the team of coach Torsten Jansen was back with seven goals. In the second round, the HSVH defended until the end against the defeat, but the dominant and sovereign hosts had not enough to oppose, to make the game even more exciting.

The crucial phase of the game occurred right at the beginning. It took until the 6th minute before any team could score a goal, as the well-placed keeper on both sides were awake from the start and both teams let their chances partly lie about recklessly. And already in the 2nd minute hinted that Hamburg had caught a used day today: The otherwise safe seven-meter shooter Lukas Ossenkopp failed from the line to Ferndorf’s keeper Puhl and the HSVH made it to the 8th minute, not at all to score your own goal. Philipp Bauer then managed the redemption, as he met to 3-1, the Ferndorfer in the following minutes but quickly expanded to a 6-1 lead (11). Ossenkopp’s 6-2 (13th) goal and Kevin Herbst’s 7-3 (17 ‘) goal were the only HSVH goals in the opening 20 minutes of the game, leaving the TuS with seven goals in the 20th minute could (10: 3).

Against a top team like Ferndorf is an early seven-goal deficit already like a preliminary decision. A 4-1 run on Hamburger side (21st to 27th) shortened the score briefly (11: 7), but in the end it went with 14: 7 and thus again with seven goals difference in the break. After the break, coach Jansen relied on Lukas Ossenkopp, who was hapless and replaced in the first round, and sent Dominik Axmann on the plate for Kevin Herbst. The young Axmann was to be the most accurate hamburger in the end, who turned his four throws from the field all, but still classified in the wrong-throw list of the seven -meter line behind Lukas Ossenkopp and Niklas Weller.

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