THW Kiel

THW Kiel has a Good Laugh in Gummersbach


On the 22nd round of the Handball Bundesliga, VfL Gummersbach lost to THW Kiel in the nearly sold-out hall in the SCHWALBE arena. On Thursday evening the Oberbergischen came out against the record master not over 22:35 (8:20) out. 4,022 spectators saw from the beginning a game that was in line with its clear role allocation. After a good first attack and the first goal of the game by Eirik Köpp per seven meters in the second minute, the game started with the 1-0 lead by VfL. However, the Gummersbacher could not gain energy from this. Instead, early in the game structure sneaked up, the THW played in the cards. After four minutes it was already 1: 4.

The first break on Gummersbacher side could initiate no turn. While the Kielers took advantage of every mistake of the VfL ice cold and brought the home team early in the backlog, the team of coach Denis Bahtijarevic collective nerves fluttered. A seven-goal deficit after just nine minutes played was the result (1: 8). The second Gummersbacher goal by Moritz Preuß to 2: 8 (10th minute) brought a little rest into the game, but of safety in the attacking game was still no talking. Only the successful counter-attack of Tobias Schröter to 4:11 in the 14th minute sprayed a little fire on the plate. But against a sovereign and dominating team from Kiel the Gummersbacher came too rarely to the train. The first ten-goal deficit arose at the score of 4:14 in the 18th minute.

Although managed the VfL in the episode in the defense less chance to admit and play courageous in the attack, but by their extremely high failure rate, the Gummersbacher stood on the offensive mostly in the way. After the 8:16 counter-attack by Marvin Sommer in the best phase of the Gummersbacher (24th minute), the guests pulled up the pace again and increased their lead by four more hits until the break (8:20, 30th minute). For the second round, the blue and white had made visibly reduce their twelve-goal burden from the first half at least as well as possible. The first goal after the break belonged to Alexander Becker, who met after ball conquest in the counterattack to 9:20. On three Kiel hits VfL also answered with three goals in a row by Ivan Martinovic (2), who increased significantly after a weak 30 minutes in the second half, and Schröter (12:23, 37th minute). The Gummersbacher now seemed much livelier and more lively. Against a strong THW Kiel, who could not be distracted, the VfL was indeed committed but without the cold-bloodedness in front of the box to melt the residue.

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