Getting to Know Handball Hamburg – A Handball Club from Germany


One of the most favored sports in Germany apart from football is handball. There have been plenty of handball clubs in the country but none is like Handball Hamburg. Have you ever heard about this handball club before? Let’s get to know this club!

The Club in Short
This handball club is from Germany. To be precise, as the name of the club suggests, this handball club is located in Hamburg. Presently, this handball club competes in the third Liga Nord. The name of Handball Hamburg is actually a nick name. The name of this club in full version is Handball Sport Verein Hamburg e.V. However, this handball club has been traditionally called HSV Hamburg, HSV Handball, or as simple as HSV.

The Club before It was Called Handball Hamburg
This handball club is actually an amalgamation of the former clubs of handball namely the HSV Lubeck and Vfl Bad Schwartau, all of which joined their forces in the year of 1999. Then in 2002, both clubs were relocated to the city of Hamburg so that they could grow and rename their club.

After that relocation, those clubs had to face financial issues and they almost lost their club license for joining the German First League of Handball. Fortunately, the clubs received personal investments that could help them a lot. The investments were from Andreas Rudolph, the new president. The investment was granted to the clubs in 2005. Since then, the joint clubs was able to refocus their attention to the operating of the sporting.

The License of the Club
On January 20th, 2016, the license of the club was unfortunately removed because of irregularities. As the result, the club was no longer given any license to take a part in the First or the Second Handball Bundesliga in 2016/17 season.

The club was then relaunched with new colors, new crest, and also new identity. The club was renamed from HSV Hamburg to the current name Handball Hamburg. However, the official name of the club remains the same. The club now is known to play in red colors when it is playing at home and in blue colors when it is away.

The story behind the formation of Handball Hamburg seems to be a little bit complicated. The issue faced by the club is not only about training to be the best handball club but it is also about the license, the changing identity, and such things.


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