The Notable Former Players of Hamburg Handball Club

Johannes Bitter

Hamburg Handball Club has been well known to have great achievements in many handball tournaments. Those achievements of the club surely come from the dedication of all of the players, staff, coaches, and the notable former players of the club. We believe you already know the people inside the team. Now, let’s present you the notable players of the club that once strengthened the club back then.

Notable Former Players from Sweden
There are five notable former players that once strengthen Hamburg Handball Club coming from Sweden. They are Dan Beutler, Oscar Carlen, Tomas Svensson, Per Sandstrom, and Andreas Nilsson.

Notable Former Players from Germany
From Germany, there are four former notable players of Hamburg Handball. They are Pascal Hens, Johannes Bitter, Michael Kraus, and Oleg Velyky.

Notable Former Players from Croatia
Likewise, there are four notable former players from Croatia for this handball club. They are Igor Vori, Blazenko Lackovic, Domagoj Duvnjak, and Davor Dominikovic.

Notable Former Players from Denmark
From Denmark, there are three notable former players. They are Hans Lindberg, Morten Bjerre, and Morten Vammen.

Joan Canellas

Notable Former Players from Spain
There are only two people who become notable former players from Spain. Although there are only two, those two players contributed a lot to the club. Those players are Ion Belaustegui and Joan Canellas.

Notable Former Players from France
Likewise, there are also only two notable former players of Hamburg Handball Club from France. They are Bertrand Gille and Guillaume Gille.

Notable Former Players from Serbia
Moving on to Serbia, this country had two handball players who are named notable former players of Hamburg Handball Club. They are Branko Kokir and Stefan Terzic.

Notable Former Players from Poland
Another two notable former players came from Poland. They are Krzysztof Lijewski and Piotr Grabarcyzk.

Countries with One Notable Former Player Each
Finally, here come the countries that have one notable former player each for Hamburg Handball. Thos countries come from various continents in the world. They are: Romania with Alexandru Simicu, Korea with its Yoon Kyung-shin, Slovenia with its Roman Pungartnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina with its Enid Tahirovic, Switzerland with its Iwan Ursic, Macedonia with its Renato Vugrinec, and finally Qatar with its Goran Stojanovic.

Have you ever seen some of those former players playing for Hamburg Handball back then? Do you spot your favorite handball and players there? Those players are significant for the club, don’t you think?


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