2010/2011 Participation of Hamburg Handball Club

Participation of Hamburg Handball Club

Hamburg Handball Club has participated in an extensive number of handball competitions since it was established. One of the busiest years for this club was 2010/2011 when this club joined so many handball tournaments. Here is the highlight of the club’s participations in handball tournaments:

Group Phase / Group B
In the group phase, the club challenged 6 different handball teams. Those teams were Montpellier Agglomeration HB, MKB Veszprem KC, KIF Kolding, IK Savehof, TATRAN Presov, and KSV Hamburg. In total, Hamburg Handball club involved in 10 games in challenging those 7 handball clubs.

From those ten games, Hamburg Handball won 60% of them. Hamburg Handball Club had to acknowledge the strength of other teams in the 40% of those games. Hamburg Handball, in this year, was noted to be defeated by MKB Veszprem KC, KIF Kolding, and Montpellier Agglomeraton HB. Besides, there was one game that Hamburg Handball Club was in tie position with its opponent which was TATRAN Presov.

Last 16
Then in Last 16, Hamburg Handball Club was noted to take a part in two games. In those two games, there was only one team that became the club’s rival which was CUatro Rayas BM Valladoid. From all of the games, Hamburg Handball could successfully be the winner.

Quarter Final
Then in Quarter Final, there were also two games in which Hamburg Handball participated in. In those two games, the club played against Chekhovskie Medvedi. In one of the game, Hamburg Handball could win the game with the score of 38-24, whereas in the other game both teams ended up being tie with the score of 37-37.

Final Four
Lastly, in final four, there were also two games played by Hamburg Handball Club. In one of the games, the club played against Renovalia Ciudad Real, while in the other game, the club was against Rhein-Neckar Lowen. When playing with Renovalia Ciudad Real, Hamburg Handball Club ended up losing with the score of 28-23. Meanwhile, in the other game played against Rhein-Neckar Lowen, Hamburg Handball Club could be the winner with the score of 31-33.

Just as in many other sport clubs, there must be ups and downs of the club. There must be some times where the clubs face lost and other times where the team could win consecutive winnings. So, of all the games, have you watched Hamburg Handball Club playing? If yes, which one is your favorite game?


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